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Masters in Conservation Leadership

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The Sansom Conservation Leadership Alumni Fund 

The Sansom Conservation Leadership Alumni Fund (also known as the SCLA Fund) has been established with thanks to the generosity of Robert Sansom to support high impact conservation projects undertaken by alumni from the University of Cambridge Masters in Conservation Leadership.

The SCLA Fund is administered by the Masters in Conservation Leadership Team in the Department of Geography, with grants being awarded by a Selection Panel. The maximum grant permitted is £60,000.

Applications should demonstrate that the proposed project:

  • addresses an important biodiversity conservation issue;
  • is feasible and likely to achieve its aims;
  • is appropriate to the local situation;
  • is feasible to be delivered with the skills and potential of the applicant;
  • has an appropriate budget to achieve the stated outcomes.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applications can only be accepted from a member or members of the University of Cambridge Conservation Leadership Alumni Network. All graduates of the Cambridge Masters in Conservation Leadership are automatically members of this network, which is not available for anyone else to join.
  • Applications must propose a project that will have a clear benefit for advancing conservation.
  • The impact of the project must be pragmatic, measurable and long-lasting.

Selection Panel

The Selection Panel is responsible for the evaluation of applications to the Fund and selecting the most appropriate projects to receive grants.

The Selection Panel consists of:

  • Chris Sandbrook, Director of the Masters in Conservation Leadership
  • A representative of CCI
  • 2 alumni representatives


Applying to the SCLA Fund

Applications to the SCLA Fund 2024-25 are now open*. The deadline for applications to this round is 5pm BST Monday 9 September 2024. 

Please use the online application form below. This form cannot be saved so please download the questions to prepare your answers before you begin. Please refer to the Guidance for Applicants for supporting information.

If you have any queries regarding an application, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions below, or contact the Alumni and Communications Coordinator


Projects Funded 

SCLA Fund 2021-22

The three successful projects from the first round of the SCLA Fund:

SCLA Fund 2022-23

The three successful projects from the second round of the SCLA Fund:

SCLA Fund 2023-24

The three successful projects from the third round of the SCLA Fund: