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Masters in Conservation Leadership

Successes of the Masters to date

The conservation landscape has evolved rapidly since the Masters in Conservation Leadership was founded in 2010. The events of the last year have particularly highlighted the need for more resilient and effective leadership.

The new 2020-2030 strategy for the Masters in Conservation Leadership addresses these challenges by delivering outstanding training, catalysing the impact of course alumni, and establishing a global conservation leadership community of practice. Building on our decade of experience and relationships, and created from a great deal of consultation with key stakeholders, this strategy enables us to build conservation leadership capacity at scale, where it is most needed, and with greatly increased accessibility. 



A world in which diverse and effective conservation leaders achieve lasting impact for a just and healthy planet



Develop wise, innovative, empowered and connected conservation leaders through training, support and collaboration.



Our strategy is underpinned by a set of values that relate to everything we do:

  • Diversity: We value and respect people of all cultures, heritage and views. We believe that promoting diversity in conservation benefits both people and non-human nature.
  • Innovation: We believe that conservation needs to change. We promote innovation, creativity and critical thinking to generate new ideas and approaches.
  • Passion: We care deeply about all life and are ambitious in our aspirations for global conservation.
  • Integrity: We act with integrity, ensuring that we honour our partners, stakeholders and networks in our words and actions.
  • Solidarity: We believe in the power of collaboration to achieve collective impact. Recognising that conservation practice is both complex and challenging, we stand together in support of one another.



The strategy is built around three main goals:

1. Design and deliver outstanding conservation leadership training

2. Catalyse the impact of the University of Cambridge Conservation Leadership Alumni Network (UCCLAN) 

3. Establish a Global Conservation Leadership Community of Practice 



We are delivering our strategy in the following way: